Tokyo Tower_dayThe Ottosphere Group was founded by Stephen Otto with the desire to assist smaller medical device companies whose resources may be scarce, but want to expand their horizons. The Ottosphere Group has over 40 years of experience in international business, sales and marketing management, customer service, and general management of medical device companies.

The markets we serve are worldwide, with our specialty markets being the United States, Canada, Japan, and the countries of the Far East/Asia-Pacific.

Our mission is to assist medical device companies to better serve existing customers and markets, and to help them expand into new geographies, worldwide.

Our vision is to assist those same medical device companies navigate smoothly through uncharted territories to bring their equipment to a broader audience, providing new patients with new hope.

Here is a quote from Stephen Otto, Principal of Ottosphere Group, where he presents his thoughts on the industry:

worldwide doctors“I have a fundamental passion for this business called medical devices. I have seen the tears in parents’ eyes when one of my devices assisted a physician in ascertaining that simple surgery would indeed help relieve a 9-year-old’s epilepsy. And it did. And watching doctors give cancer patients longer quality of life with no drugs and no scalpel via a one-time, focused radiation treatment device makes a deep impression on everyone associated with this field.

Each of these companies started small, but grew large to aid physicians in helping their patients worldwide. I want to provide that same assistance to smaller companies starting out on that adventure today.”